Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A brand new year starting with Gosh - Forest Floor

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year!! I hope that you all are safe and had a great time! Mine was not so good I'm afraid. My boyfriends grandfather passed away yesterday, he was 84 years old. He had cancer that was spread to his entire body for quite a while. When he was diagnosed, the doctors couldn't even tell where the cancer started. He was very positive about the whole situation. He told us that he had a great life and that he was happy that he didn't have any pain. We celebrated Christmas together and he felt fine but after that it went downward really fast. He was a sweet man with a lot of dignity. I will always respect him for that. On the 31st of December he decided that it was time. We said our last goodbyes to him and the doctor placed him into a artificial coma with pain killers so he didn't feel any pain anymore. He passed away the next day. I'm so happy that me and my boyfriends family could say our final goodbyes. I was very sad then but I'm ok again now. I loved him very much and I will miss him like crazy but we all have to go someday. I'm glad that I've met him.

Back to other things. I always love fireworks so much. Not the ones that make a lot of noise but just the shiny ones. But it doesn't matter how much I like it, I will never spend any money on it. It's like setting your money on fire lol. I'd rather buy a lot of nailpolish :) I've just recieved my final polishes so I can show you my December haul tomorrow! Today I want to start with one of my favorite polishes at the moment. Gosh - Forest Floor is a beautiful dark green creme polish with the perfect formula, almost a one coater! I used two coats in the pictures below. I stamped with China Glaze - Gold Fusion and Dashica Big SdP- S. I used 2 coats of OPI - The Man With the Golden Gun on my ring finger.